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◎ membrane separation technology status
   For half a century, membrane separation completed the transition from the laboratory to large-scale industrial applications, has become a new type of energy-efficient separation technology. Since 1925, almost every decade there is a new membrane process has been applied in the industry.
   Because membrane separation technology itself has superior performance, so the film process has now been widespread attention around the world. In the energy crisis, shortage of resources, deterioration of the ecological environment of today, the film industry and the scientific community to industrial transformation process as the twenty-first century an extremely important new technology. Experts had pointed out: Who holds the membrane technology grasps the chemical industry of tomorrow.
   Since the 1980s, the application of membrane technology into the stage, but also the development phase of the new membrane process. During this period, the membrane technology in the food processing, desalination, pure water, ultra pure water, medicine, biology, environmental protection and other fields has been the development and application of large-scale. Also, during this period, the national key scientific and technological projects and the Natural Science Foundation also has the problem of the film.
   Currently, the potential of the emerging industry is thriving passion challenging market, many companies bring a more significant economic, social and environmental benefits.
◎ Outlook
   Currently, the membrane separation technology has been tremendous progress, but it nonetheless is rising stage of development, there is much work to be done. 21st Century Membrane Science and Technology will further improve and perfect the existing membrane processes, and continuously explore and develop new processes and materials, and expanding the existing applications, the membrane technology plays a greater role.
※ One Prospect
   We need to focus the new membrane separation technology and traditional technology combined with organic, constantly research membrane technology from the lab to industrial applications.
※ outlook bis
   We need to focus on new membrane materials, research and development of new polymeric membrane materials.
※ outlook ter
   We want to research and development of new film-forming process, further prepared thin, highly uniform, defect-free asymmetric membrane technology and process cortex.
※ prospect of the four
   We want to push the former committed to the development of inorganic membranes. With some of the advantages of inorganic film of other polymer films can not have, such as: inorganic membrane with acid, alkali, organic solvent resistance, good chemical stability, high mechanical strength, resistance to microbial contamination ability, high temperature, narrow pore size distribution, separation efficiency, and by academic and industrial applications more and more attention. In the future development process, inorganic membrane research new materials, new technology is an inevitable trend.
Five of ※ Prospect
   Whether in academic or industrial application which, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, gas separation, pervaporation study topics such as will be the top priority.
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