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SHANDONG HCCM CO., LTD. (for short be called SDHC) is a High and New Technology enterprise which dedicated to research & development, production, marketing, installation and running of the UF & MF micro porous Ceramic Elements, ceramic membrane System and ceramic membrane separation technology for a long term. We are the member of China Membrane Industry Institute, we are the cooperation member of European Membrane Institute.

Our ceramic membrane filtration elements and equipment have been widely applied in the fields of Chlor-Alkali, Pharmaceuticals, Food Beverage Processing, Wastewater Treatment, Gelatin Purifying, Oil Water Separation, Reinjected Water of oil field etc. Moreover, our products have also been widely used in the field of high-temperature gas dust filtration. Such as Coal Chemical Industry, Smelting of Organic silicon and Nonferrous Metals, Oil shale gasification etc.

To compare with common filtration materials, ceramic membranes are sintered under ultra high temperature. So, it has so many advantages: high filtration precision, high temperature resist, high pressure resist, aging resist, alkali & acid resist, long service life (save labor cost and intensity largely), easy wash (automatic back washing), high mechanical strength, wear resist, cross flow filtration, easy be revived etc.

As our technology research centre ZIBO CITY CERAMIC MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING LABORATORY our company established is awarded by local government ‘Zibo City Level Key Engineering Laboratory’. In line with aims of developing and innovations, SDHC hopes to cooperate with all circles both in China and abroad pushing the ceramic membrane career to a new stage. 。



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