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   Membrane separation processes are an efficient and environmentally friendly separation process, it is a multi-disciplinary high-tech, it is in the physical, chemical and biological properties may exhibit a variety of characteristics, have more advantages.
   Compared with conventional separation techniques such as distillation, adsorption, absorption, extraction, cryogenic separation, membrane separation technology has the following characteristics:
   ◇ efficient separation process
   It can be done relative molecular weight of thousands or even hundreds of separate substances (corresponding to a particle size of nanometer).
   ◇ low power consumption
   Because most membrane processes do not occur phase change, phase change latent heat is great. Traditional freezing, extraction and flash and other changes phase separation process is usually relatively high energy consumption.
   ◇ close to room temperature
   Most of the membrane separation process at near room temperature, and thus the film itself on handling hot allergens has a unique advantage. At present, especially in the areas of food processing, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology has its own unique application value.
   ◇ good quality stability
   Film device itself has no moving parts, and at near room temperature, so low maintenance, high reliability. Its operation is very simple, and turn from the device to give the product a short time, it can frequently start, stop working. Compared to the traditional process can significantly shorten the production cycle.
   ◇ continuous operation
   Membrane separation processes can achieve continuous operation, to meet the actual needs of industrial production.
   ◇ flexibility
   Size and processing power of a variable membrane equipment, easy to industry progressively larger application. Membrane separation device plugs directly into an existing manufacturing process, easy to combine with other separation processes, facilitate reconstruction and original craft up and down the whole process and.
   ◇ purely physical processes
   Membrane separation is a purely physical process, without any chemical changes, but does not require any additional material, such as filter aids, chemical reagents.
   ◇ Environmental
   Membrane separation equipment manufacturing material clean, environmentally friendly, clean work site, in line with national industrial policy.
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