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◎ UF Development Overview
  Ultrafiltration is a membrane process ranged between filtration and nanofiltration, which uses the screening principle of the separation of organic molecular weight cutoff from 10000 ~ 100000 Dalton optional macromolecules and small molecules suitable for the separation, concentration and purification processes.
  The earliest use of ultrafiltration membranes is a natural animal organs film. Historically 1861,1867,1907,1960,1963,1965 are membrane technology progress in the year. Application of ultrafiltration technology, was first developed tubular ultrafiltration membrane components.
  According to statistics, in 1990 sales in the world market in the ultrafiltration membrane and related devices reached 354 million dollars. With the rapid development of the film industry, the film industry in the ultrafiltration of this branch, it will also show its application.
  ◎ ultrafiltration applications
  Ultrafiltration applied early industrial wastewater and sewage treatment. Thirty years, with the development of ultrafiltration technology, now ultrafiltration technology has been involved in food processing, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, biological agents, Chinese medicine, clinical medicine, printing and dyeing wastewater, food industrial wastewater treatment, recycling, environment engineering and many other fields.
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