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Overview of the Development ◎ nanofiltration
The late 1980s, with the new film methods (such as interfacial polymerization) the continuous improvement of the appearance and film technology, the number of new composite film (such as loose reverse osmosis membrane and dense UF) to come out and to be of great concern, and now people are used to this kind of film will be called nanofiltration.
As the name suggests, refers to a "nano-scale holes" in the film, it is between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, molecular weight cutoff of organic matter from 200 ~ 1000 Dalton is optional.
◎ nanofiltration membrane
Classification form nanofiltration membrane and reverse osmosis, there are also roll, hollow fiber, tube, plate and other. However, according to long-term industrial application summary, the most widely used in industry also roll membrane, which occupies most of the nanofiltration market.
◎ nanofiltration applications
◇ Food Industry
◇ deep-processing plant
◇ Beverage Industry
◇ processing of agricultural products
◇ Biomedical
◇ fermentation
◇ Fine Chemicals
◇ environmental industries
◇ ............
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