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Membrane separation technology for its energy-saving effect is remarkable, easy operation and maintenance, control simple and widely welcomed by the majority of users. Select the appropriate membrane separation process can replace vacuum filtration, plate and frame filter press, ion variety of traditional exchange separation and filtration methods.
Application of the inorganic film mainly involves three aspects of phase separation and purification, gas separation and purification and membrane reactors. Industrial application of inorganic membrane phase separation focused on the areas of inorganic membranes in separation of a liquid primarily microfiltration and ultrafiltration, which is the most used inorganic ceramic membrane, accounted for 80% of the market.
◇ Food & Beverage
※ plant (drug) was deep-processing
※ fruit juice, vegetable juice
※ Dairy Industry
※ processing of agricultural products
※ oligosaccharides, polysaccharides
※ food additives, natural pigment, spices
※ wine, beer, wine, wine, liquor and other low
◇ Biochemical Medicine
※ biological broth
※ organic acid fermentation broth
※ proteins, enzymes
※ medicine, oral health care products
※ animal plasma, serum
◇ Chemical Industry
※ synthetic dyes India
※ dyes, chemical intermediates
※ synthesis and microbial pesticides
※ catalyst particle recycling
※ recycling organic chemical raw materials
※ refined chemical acid, lye
◇ Environmental Engineering
Preparation ※ beverage industry, food industry and other types of water
※ food, bio-fermentation, dyes, etc. Process Wastewater Treatment
※ pulp and paper, textile industry, degreasing wastewater treatment
※ Oily Wastewater Treatment
◇ Air Filter
In the field of gas separation applications include separating gas (air) purification and gas components, but only successful application is the separation of uranium isotopes, other gas purification and separation processes are in the research and development process.
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