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With the strong support of zibo municipal science and technology bureau, the "2018 China (zibo) ceramic film industry development summit BBS" organized by China film industry association was successfully held in the international conference hall of zibo qisheng hotel on September 14, 2018, and the inorganic film branch of China film industry association was established.

Li xiudong, director of science and technology bureau of zibo city, and wang jiwen, secretary general of China film industry association gave speeches respectively.The research and development progress of the new heterocyclic high performance polymer and its processing and application was explained by xiaokou sigao, a member of the Chinese academy of engineering. Later, nine companies with core technologies in the inorganic film industry made a detailed explanation and introduction of the special technologies developed by them, which made each of them worth their study.

Our company has been committed to the development, production and sales of inorganic ceramic membrane.This time, Mr. Xu ligen, chairman of our company, was elected as vice President of inorganic membrane branch of China film industry association. We will take an active part in various activities organized by membrane association, contribute to the development of inorganic ceramic membrane, and promote the development of ceramic membrane industry.

Mr. Gong yuxian, deputy general manager of production technology of our company, also introduced the application of ceramic membrane products and engineering cases in detail on this BBS, analyzed the problems encountered in the practical application of various cases, and provided targeted solutions for the clients who were consulted on the application of ceramic membrane. 

We would like to thank zibo city science and technology bureau and China film industry association for their efforts in the development of inorganic ceramic film industry, which has provided convenient resources for the demands of all industries.Thank you for your active preparation and explanation, which provided you with the opportunity to exchange and learn.

Congratulations again on the great success of BBS in China (zibo) ceramic film industry development summit 2018. We look forward to the arrival of BBS next year.




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